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"If the path before you is clear you’re probably on someone else’s"

Joseph Campbell

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About Yotan


My name is Jonathan and I am the founder of Yotan, an organisation dedicated to facilitating people’s growth and transformation by guiding them to find their path; their authenticity and the only guru to whom they should totally surrender – their inner guru. 

I believe that Finding our Path is central to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is synonymous with the mythological Hero’s Journey which we all must walk to mature into psychologically, emotionally and spiritually balanced beings. On this quest we have the opportunity to learn to heal the wounds of the inner child; to discover our authentic nature and to find our purpose in life. If we learn to make this life count; our lived experiences such as our childhood; our love relationships and our spiritual enquiry become lessons or beacons to guide our awakening as authentic, whole beings. The question is:

Will you walk your path?


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“The problem of the hero is to pierce himself (and therewith his world) precisely through that point; to shatter and annihilate that key knot of his limited existence.”
Joseph Campbell