The Warrior’s Path to Healing a Broken Heart

At some point in our lives, most of us face the breakdown of a romantic relationship and ensuing heart break, yet, as painful as this is, it is also a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and transformation if we allow ourselves to go through the process with awareness, mindfulness and courage This process I call, the Warrior’s Path to Healing Heartbreak because it is a conscious fight to embark on a journey rather than a passive submission to wallowing in depression.

Firstly, let’s feed the awareness with a little knowledge. The withdrawal of romantic love activates the same centres of the brain associated with addiction as those present when someone tries to withdraw from a drug such as opiates. When the heroin of love is no longer available, our craving for the next fix, deprives us of our normal resources of intelligence and reasoning and we risk either bypassing the growth potential of going through the path of healing completely, by rushing off to someone new or halting the journey as we get lost in a narcotic, fixation on memories idealising the other and/or schemes to revive the relationship.

With awareness of the allure of the traps and short cuts, we can draw on the courage and mindfulness required to follow the course of the healing process and to reap the nectar this path has to offer, where once we are healed, we raise our own vibration and are able to attract a new love into our lives, be that another person or anything else which feeds our spirit and which is truly worthy of us.

The following video, guides us through this process of healing and concludes this three-part series looking at the Love Drug; the pitfalls of addiction and how to heal.

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