Where Yoga & Tantra Meet

Many people have discovered the healing powers of Yoga; how it can heal physical wounds and create a renewed freedom of movement that we last experienced as children. As we go deeper, yoga can also reconnect us with our bodies and our breath. It is precisely at this point that Tantra holds the secret to take us deeper still, to enrich our practice and, by using the body’s intelligence, liberate emotions and memories which often are difficult to reach through the mind alone.

In the West, the word Tantra as almost become synonymous with sex and that is a pity because it hides the true gift that Tantra has to offer. Tantra is quite simply a practice with merges our spirit with our bodies and therein lies the clue to where Yoga and tantra meet. Yoga can prepare us, by reconnecting us with our bodies, so that we can truly embody the lessons that Tantra has to offer. But, without tantra, the growth potential which our yoga practice has started, may well tread water, in a sea of gym bodies seeking just another way to keep fit.

Over the coming weeks I will publish a series of posts which explore different aspects of the fusion between yoga and tantra, showing how this can be integrated in our path of healing, growth and transformation.

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