21 day challenge

Take this challenge; follow all the steps and you will change your life for the better. It is as simple as that!

Maybe there have been times when you’ve attended a workshop, or read a book which really touched you and, for a moment, the possibilities for spiritual growth open within you. But then in the days and weeks which follow, you lost your resolve and failed to create the changes for it to have any long-lasting impact on your life.

The 21 Day Challenge is a series of steps which will help you create a life which creates the right space and conditions for positive change to occur. Change, whether positive or negative is always a chain of inter-related aspects of our life. It’s simple:

Like attracts like

The more positive things you bring into your lives the more other positive things will line up to entre.

The 21 Day Challenge brings 21 different positive things into your life. It is your opportunity to break old habits and create a new, healthy patterns. Even though each day offers something new, there are also aspects of the challenge which establish a regular daily spiritual practice. You are committing to a daily intake of positive change. Think about the 21 days as 3 blocks of 7 days: 

  • In the first block you break down old patterns.
  • In the second block you establish new patterns.
  • And in the third block you anchor the new pattern into your system.

Throughout the 21 days, I encourage you to keep a short diary of what your day has been like, what positive changes you notice and what new opportunities present themselves.

I have done many 21-day challenges myself, which is what inspires me to offer this gift to you. I honour you for making this commitment to yourself and I wish you the inner-strength and self-respect to complete each stage to the full.

With Love,