Authentic Power

In these great words Confucius captures the essence of the Healthy Warrior archetype in the men.

The warrior archetype is innate in men but where one man may differ from another, is the battles he chooses and how he fights.

The horrors of war witnessed and suffered on such a colossal scale in recent times are an outpouring of the worst shadows of the Warrior Archetype and has led to, modern culture vilifying Warrior energy. We’ve since taught boys and men to avoid confrontation and conflict and to instead nurture their “feminine side.” The result is the Nice Guy; the man who will avoid confrontation and aggression even when confrontation and aggression are justified.

The issue is not the warrior energy itself but when it is not balanced with other healthy masculine archetypes such as love, empathy and contemplation.

As Confucius realised, man who appreciates beauty, who can express himself through the art of dance, embraces life in its fullness – this man can fights a just battle whether it be an external cause or the dharma jousts that we must wage within on our spiritual path.

The Warrior’s energy provides a man with an unsurpassable power source which will fuel him to reach his goals, fight for worthy causes and leave a legacy for the benefit of all. It is vital than men in particular and society as a whole nurtures and heals the healthy warrior in men.  This is a key component of the second stage of the Hero’s Journey a series of 5 workshops for men, interested in developing the healthy masculine in themselves.

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