Module 3: Death and Love

The most powerful module of the series. We a man learns to embrace the fear of death and discover the alchemy of authentic love, he receives the greatest gift: acceptance of what is and the ability to let go and live in the present moment. The gift of true happiness and peace.

Love and Death are the primary obsessions of human society. They are both recurrent themes of literature, poetry, music, art and films too. Depending on our relationship with ourselves and ultimately with life, we experience love and death as either a blessing or condemnation.

Death is a great teacher and leveller. Men have meditated on death since time immemorial because it strips away the importance we attach to all the things we accumulate; all the thoughts we love to dwell on and ultimately our ego.

Love is our natural state of being. The word “love” is misused more than any other. In normal use it describes emotions; expressions of need or attachment or it is twisted with the intent to deceive others. True love requires nothing, it is unconditional and is the greatest healer. It is a state where we finally value another as much as ourselves.

Acceptance of Love and Death is natural; however, we are blocked from this state by our emotions. Men journey through life experiencing anger, jealousy, fear, sadness, and joy as reactions to the situations arising each day. Most men are taught to repress their emotions and therein lies the cause of much suffering. Only by allowing his emotions to come to the surface can a man work through them and heal the wounds which lie at their source.   

In this module you will: 

  • Use the facticity of death as a powerful tool of introspection and meditation to allow you to see what is truly important in your life.
  • Learn the magic of forgiveness and gratitude as tools for letting go and being in the present moment.
  • Be shown how to work with your emotions and to allow yourself to release past conditioning.
  • Open the door to authentic love and compassion and use the power of your heart to transform your life.
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