Finland In Love

It is always beautiful to witness the spiritual growth of others. The Sex to Superconsciousness Group in Finland at the beginning of November, where we worked with the Anahata (Heart) Chakra, took this experience to another level. For me it has been such a privilege to lead this group together with Kirsti Kuosmanen

“From Sex To Superconsciousness” is a term coined by Osho and the title given to this powerful series of workshops developed by Ma Ananda Sarita. This training offers an experiential, transformational journey deep into this essential subject. Exploring, understanding and opening the chakra system is key to everyone travelling the path of Tantra – it is a gateway to universal consciousness. When the chakra system is awakened to its fuller potential, we experience ecstasy in everyday life, find flow in our creative expression and are empowered with free flowing communication and communion in relationships.

The Finish have a reputation for being a quiet people of few words but man, when they do speak, they speak straight from the heart. I believe it is this authenticity which has allowed so many of the people who have followed each chakra to really dive deep and experience such profound transformation. As we have journeyed through each chakra, the bonds between the participants has steadily grown as they have accompanied each other into the depths of their humanity.

Although the journey is sequential, chakra by chakra, the Tantric path teaches us to seek the balance between the masculine and feminine and the feminine approach would help us see the play or dance between the chakras, how they work together, how they weave within our human experience. This is the precious fabric we weave as we integrate the experience of the Sex to Superconsciousness Journey. In the Anahata chakra, I feel we really complete the understanding of our humanity and prepare to embark on the quest to co-create our existence with the Universe. This is the road that lies ahead for the finnish travellers and I’m delighted to accompany them on their quest.