What is Meditation

When you cease all activity, mental and physical and are just being, that is meditation. Read More

The Gift of Truth Excels all other Gifts

The pursuit of truth was considered noble or even sacred by many ancient civilizations. The Romans believed that it was one of the main virtues that a citizen should possess and in their mythology Veritas, was the goddess of truth. It was believed that she was hidden at the bottom of a holy well because she was so elusive. But what exactly is truth and why does it matter? Read More

Meet Your Inner Child

As part of my series looking at how Tantra and Yoga, together provide an enriched practice, we look at the one aspect of how Tantra can help us heal and nurture our psychological well-being by working with our inner-child. The following video explains the concept of the “inner-child”; how this impacts on our adult selves and offers a simple and highly effective exercise for using yoga to connect with your own inner-child.





Where Yoga & Tantra Meet

Many people have discovered the healing powers of Yoga; how it can heal physical wounds and create a renewed freedom of movement that we last experienced as children. As we go deeper, yoga can also reconnect us with our bodies and our breath. It is precisely at this point that Tantra holds the secret to take us deeper still, to enrich our practice and, by using the body’s intelligence, liberate emotions and memories which often are difficult to reach through the mind alone. Read More

Tantra – lifting the veil


Sometimes it seems that Tantra means as many things as the number of people prepared to comment on it. There are, however, some common elements that makes up most people’s understanding of this spiritual path, starting with the statement that it is a “spiritual path” as opposed to a “religious path”. Read More

The Warrior’s Path to Healing a Broken Heart

At some point in our lives, most of us face the breakdown of a romantic relationship and ensuing heart break, yet, as painful as this is, it is also a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and transformation if we allow ourselves to go through the process with awareness, mindfulness and courage This process I call, the Warrior’s Path to Healing Heartbreak because it is a conscious fight to embark on a journey rather than a passive submission to wallowing in depression. Read More