The Gift of Truth Excels all other Gifts

The pursuit of truth was considered noble or even sacred by many ancient civilizations. The Romans believed that it was one of the main virtues that a citizen should possess and in their mythology Veritas, was the goddess of truth. It was believed that she was hidden at the bottom of a holy well because she was so elusive. But what exactly is truth and why does it matter? Read More

Meet Your Inner Child

As part of my series looking at how Tantra and Yoga, together provide an enriched practice, we look at the one aspect of how Tantra can help us heal and nurture our psychological well-being by working with our inner-child. The following video explains the concept of the “inner-child”; how this impacts on our adult selves and offers a simple and highly effective exercise for using yoga to connect with your own inner-child.





Where Yoga & Tantra Meet

Many people have discovered the healing powers of Yoga; how it can heal physical wounds and create a renewed freedom of movement that we last experienced as children. As we go deeper, yoga can also reconnect us with our bodies and our breath. It is precisely at this point that Tantra holds the secret to take us deeper still, to enrich our practice and, by using the body’s intelligence, liberate emotions and memories which often are difficult to reach through the mind alone. Read More

Healing the Mother Wound in Men

The mother wound exists in both men and women but in men it is far more insidious. Firstly, because it mainly goes undetected and secondly because of the wider impact it has on others in that it is most often expressed in some form of misogyny even if it is only on a level of expecting their partner to serve and meet their needs as a pseudo-mother under the guise of love. Read More

Tantra – lifting the veil


Sometimes it seems that Tantra means as many things as the number of people prepared to comment on it. There are, however, some common elements that makes up most people’s understanding of this spiritual path, starting with the statement that it is a “spiritual path” as opposed to a “religious path”. Read More


TantricTango© is an experiential workshop which combines the beauty and sensuality of Tango with the wisdom of Tantra. Tango gives us a clear transmission of the healthy masculine and feminine, allowing us to create an imprint of this essence in our bodies, while Tantra brings mindfulness and awareness to this process.

TantricTango© is a workshop for singles and couples, that are interested in investigating their polarities, learning how to lead their lives and at the same time how to relax in them.

  • Are you able to stop your mind, and breath into the present moment or dive into the immense pleasure coming out of your 5 senses?
  • Do you enjoy setting goals that fulfil your life’s purpose, without getting stressed, obsessed or distracted, but by keeping the discipline and enjoying the path?
  • Are you filling up your daily time by doing lots of things, forgetting that doing nothing is also a valuable source of energy for your psyche?
  • Are you in love with yourself ready to step on the world like a choreographer creating his own choreography of life or do you just feel weak without any kind of power?
  • Unfortunately, in the modern world, most people live a life full of stress, fear, competition, jealousy, depression and unhappiness, derived from an unhealthy and imbalance connection of their inner masculine and feminine.

We all have a beautiful couple inside us, a man and a woman and our quality of life depends on the quality of the relationship between this two. But what is this inner man and woman or inner masculine and feminine and what is their healthy expression?

The healthy feminine is the part that connects us with our senses, the body and our emotions. It is the part that helps us realise that life on this earth is meaningless unless it can be fully experienced in every cell of our being. It lives in flow and embraces change.

The masculine is action, growth, expansion, setting goals; it is directional, and it seeks purpose. It is full present in whatever we do and adds consciousness to our actions, thoughts and feelings.

Both men and women need the two polarities if they want to live a balanced life. If, for example, I am a woman I need my inner man to help be disciplined, act, make plans and generally to give me direction in life. If I am a man I need my inner woman to help me relax, enter in my emotions, open my heart and be sweet with myself.

Of course, it is important to keep the balance between these polarities and not overdo it with the opposite.

For example, many women, these days, have a overly strong inner man that makes them too perfectionist, self-demanding, rigid and obsessed with control. Equally, many men are lost in excessive femininity, not knowing their life’s purpose, where to head to and how to be present and determined.

In this workshop we use Tango and Tantra as tools of introspection and transformation. Dancing tango you can experience the real connection between the masculine and feminine. Each tango dance is like making love where you can feel a healthy flow between the masculine and the feminine. Where the polarities are expressed so fully that they finally merge in a meeting point where nothing exists, neither the feminine nor the masculine, just the Divine.

Through Tantra we get in touch with this Divinity using the power of meditation which increases consciousness but at the same time takes us deep into our bodies. We also clear out the obstacles that do not let us express healthy femininity and masculinity, which have evolved through the influence of the patriarchy and do not let us live in our fully ecstatic state of being.

TantricTango is a workshop that:

  • Heals your inner masculine and feminine
  • Helps you set a clear direction in your life without wasting time, while also enjoying the journey.
  • Boosts up your healthy sexuality and connection to your body
  • Greater connection and intimacy in your relationships
    Helps develop your self-esteem, self-worth and live a life of happiness and fulfilment
  • Teaches you how to be more in the present moment, liberating yourself from stress and anxiety
    …. and encourages you to just have fun!


What is Meditation

When you cease all activity, mental and physical and are just being, that is meditation. Read More