The Warrior’s Path to Healing a Broken Heart

At some point in our lives, most of us face the breakdown of a romantic relationship and ensuing heart break, yet, as painful as this is, it is also a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and transformation if we allow ourselves to go through the process with awareness, mindfulness and courage This process I call, the Warrior’s Path to Healing Heartbreak because it is a conscious fight to embark on a journey rather than a passive submission to wallowing in depression. Read More

Healing the Mother Wound in Men

The mother wound exists in both men and women but in men it is far more insidious. Firstly, because it mainly goes undetected and secondly because of the wider impact it has on others in that it is most often expressed in some form of misogyny even if it is only on a level of expecting their partner to serve and meet their needs as a pseudo-mother under the guise of love. Read More

Tantra – lifting the veil


Sometimes it seems that Tantra means as many things as the number of people prepared to comment on it. There are, however, some common elements that makes up most people’s understanding of this spiritual path, starting with the statement that it is a “spiritual path” as opposed to a “religious path”. Read More