Nature has been central to my life since childhood growing up in Africa and surrounded by her rich wildlife. Birds in particular have always held a special significance for me and I could fairly attribute the first steps I walked along my own path of self-discovery and transformation, to my relationship with them.

For 27 years I work as a senior executive in the corporate world, balancing the demands of professional life with raising a family and embracing the roles of father and husband. Into this life, I gradually, integrated my yoga and tantra practices as well as a process of self-enquiry. These days, in the workshops I offer, I’m able to draw on my direct experience of integrating a spiritual practice with living in the real world.

In this way, Yotan draws on the different tools I’ve studied and used personally; because I know through direct experience that they work. I’m a qualified teacher of both Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga; I’ve studied and practiced Tantra and Meditation for 18 years; I am a qualified clinical and remedial massage therapist and I have studied tantric massage and touch as a tool for personal development and healing.

I take the nectar from all these practices to take people on a fun and challenging, journey into themselves; reconnecting with their bodies and learning from its wisdom to facilitate a real embodiment of the modes of introspection and inner growth, that I offer.

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