I have been inspired by nature since my childhood growing up in Africa, where man is intimately connected with his surroundings. What feels natural in my body and what feeds my spirit is my tick-list when I incorporate anything into my life and so it has been with my spiritual practice.

For 27 years I work as a senior executive in the corporate world, balancing the demands of professional life with raising a family and embracing the roles of father and husband. Into this life, I gradually, integrated my yoga and tantra practices as well as a process of self-inquiry. These days, in the workshops I offer, I’m able to draw on my direct experience of integrating a spiritual practice with living in the real world which is something many students relate to since they often find themselves in that position.

Yotan draws on the different tools I’ve studied and used personally; because I know through direct experience that they work. I’m a qualified teacher of both Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga; I’ve studied and practiced Tantra and Meditation for 18 years; I am a qualified clinical and remedial massage therapist and I have studied tantric massage and touch as a tool for personal development and healing. I have been fortunate to study directly with several great teachers such as:

  • Anna Forrest
  • John Hawkens
  • Ma Ananda Sarita
  • Esther Lim
  • Dr Shalga
  • Swami Deva Arhato
  • Jambo Truong

I take the nectar from all these practices to take people on a fun and challenging, journey into themselves; reconnecting with their bodies and learning from its wisdom to facilitate a real embodiment of the modes of introspection and inner growth, that I offer.

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