Tantra – My Natural Path to Spirit

Sometimes we embark on a journey without realising. So, it was with my initiation into Tantra. For me Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces everything that it is to be human from our primal essence to our eternal quest for the divine. It is a practice in tune with Nature itself and although I didn’t discover the term Tantra until adulthood, the natural world has been my guide since childhood growing up in Africa, where man is intimately connected with his surroundings. What feels natural in my body and what feeds my spirit is my tick-list when I incorporate anything into my life and so it has been with my spiritual practice.

“What feels natural in my body and what feeds my spirit are powerful guides in my approach to life”

I came across my first Tantric Teachings in my early thirties, scouring a book shop in search of help for a failing marriage. It was then that I stumbled on Margot Anand’s Book, The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and so began a path that would literally lead me from sex to spirit. Whilst first expanding my horizons of how to make love, this developed from a very physical and functional act to an art and from an art to something sacred taking me into a direct experience of something beyond my body. Unknowingly I had begun a process of self-discovery and transformation which could not be stopped.

One of the first things to change was my career as I felt the pull to have a more positive impact on the planet. I founded a company selling equipment into the recycling sector. This took off and resulted in me travelling the globe, gaining satisfaction for the good it was doing but something was still missing. The inner tug led me to meditation and since my body was so stiff due to various sport injuries and years of driving a desk, I then took up yoga simply to be able to sit more comfortably in meditation.   

There comes a point on a spiritual path when you have to face who you really are, and this is especially true of Tantra.I came to see that technique alone could not give me the inner peace and enlightenment I sought. Although my meditation and yoga practices were strong I was avoiding embracing who I really am. So, began another journey, a journey of truth.

The pursuit of truth is akin to scraping away layers of plaster from a wall standing between who we think we are and our true or authentic nature. Lies are the glue which hold all the layers of plaster together; introspection being the hammer and chisel to remove them. As we scrape away the layers, we start to confront what the glue is made up of: the traumas and social conditioning of our past. A quest for truth, a relentless quest, is the best solvent for this glue. The quest needs to be relentless because on first examination we often don’t see what lies behind the way we think and the things we do. Only as we peel back the layers do we expose the lies through which we view the world.

Until we engage with the truth, our spiritual path is nothing more than a stroll through a land of fantasy. We simply go through the motions, navigating one spiritual bypass after another without ever “getting” life’s lessons. Philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris claims that: lying is by definition a refusal to cooperate with others and it is to recoil from relationships, but it is far more pernicious; it is a refusal to fully engage with life and ultimately with ourselves. In short, until we make a commitment to truth we are simply wasting our time!

My Tantric path led me to realise that, my time in the corporate world had to end. I needed to devote the rest of my life to helping others as well as deepening my own practice (I believe these two are inextricably linked for me). It is said that when the student is ready the guru arrives. This is certainly my experience and Sarita and her school of Tantra Essence, gave me new tools or new lenses to see myself and to heal past wounds.

I began to see that the world I blamed for my woes was a world of my own making. That my experience of life is an experience of my stories. If we look at life through pink lenses we see a pink world and if we look at the same events through blue lenses, everything appears blue. There is not a single thing which has its own intrinsic meaning; its meaning is the one given to it by the perceiver. As we commit to truth the veil(or Maya as the Hindus call it lifts) and we see the world for what it is. As I changed internally, my world changed.

Like a plaited hair is stronger than the sum of the individual strands,my different spiritual paths and beautiful teachers have woven together to make a rich braid. I experience gratitude everyday that I walk this path and for the chance to give something back through my work with people.

If my story resonates or inspires you then I invite you to try one of my workshops where I take the nectar of my personal practice and experience, to guide people on a fun and challenging journey into their true nature and enduring happiness.

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