Yoga’s gift to the world is often lost amongst a sea of gym bodies seaking just another way to keep fit. Drawing on yoga’s roots in ancient tantric practices, Yotan offers an embodied pathway to personal healing and transformation. So what exactly does this mean:

The body has access to emotions and memories which often are difficult to access through the brain alone. Many researchers from Wilhelm Reich to Babet Rothschild have documented their work facilitating the discovery and healing of traumas through the use of bodywork and movement. As a massage therapist, yoga teacher and shamanic healer, I have witnessed the power of using the body as a tool of introspection and healing and through the personal experience of navigating my own spiritual path, I have developed a series of workshops using a blend of yoga, tantra and shamanism to take people on an embodied journey of self-discovery, awareness and growth.

What to expect. The workshops I offer range from short 2hour introductions to one day and 3 ay events. I offer:

  • Silent and active mediation techniques.
  • Yoga and tantric practices to bring an embodied awareness to our process.
  • Shamanic questing to dive into the subconscious.
  • Breathwork.
  • Dance, music and movement to inject a sense of fun and celebration in our work together.

Most importantly, participation in these workshops is only one step on your journey. We will work together to ensure that you leave with a plan to integrate what you have learnt in your private practice.