The purpose of mediation is to be free of our thoughts. These thoughts make up the ego or our sense of self; distorts our connection with what really is and disconnects us from the only reality: what is right now!

In the words of Osho: meditation starts by being separate from the mind, by being a witness. That is the only way of separating yourself from anything. If you are looking at the light, naturally one thing is certain, you are not the light, you are the one looking at it. If you are watching the flowers, one thing is certain, you are not the flowers you are the watcher.  

In our fast paced world with little off time from one form of media or another, mediation offers a sanctuary to reconnect with our true, authentic selves. I personally started to integrate mediation into my life while working at an intense pace, travelling the world for a multi-national company – it kept me sane and healthy and reminded me on a daily basis about what was really important to me in life. Over time colleagues increasingly remarked how much I’d changed – and this started my path as a teacher to pass on techniques of mindfulness and meditation which I’d found useful.

In my classes you will learn and practice:

  • Different techniques for silent sitting.
  • Active meditations for quieting the mind and releasing tension.
  • Micro-meditations which can be used throughout the day.
  • Pranayama/breathing techniques for quietening the mind.
  • Guided meditations for relaxation and self-inquiry.

…. and most importantly, you will be guided to take meditation into your everyday life.


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