Module 4: Soul Calling

This step of our journey is the portal to self-realisation. When a man fully accepts his humanity, he opens an internal channel to his true purpose in life. He wakes up to himself as a spiritual being having a human experience. By opening to the universe, he starts to align his life with his soul calling.

There is a higher level of creativity; a level beyond skill and craftmanship. Common parlance refers to this as inspiration. What is really happening when we are inspired is that we open up to the knowledge and intelligence of the Akasha, the subtle energy connecting and weaving between all sentient beings. In this module you will: 

  • Discover your soul calling.
  • Learn to become co-creator with the universe.
  • Experience shamanic journeying as a process of opening to messages and gifts from the universe.
  • Speak your deepest truth
  • Experience your connectedness with the earth and nature on a level beyond the rational mind.
  • Work with the archetype of the father, our relationship with our fathers and our experience of the father energy within us.
  • Overcome guilt.
  • Learn the power of true Alchemy – the transformation of base metal into gold – Integrate life’s experience into a higher wisdom

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