Module 5: Homo Deus

Our final module is mystical and practical. The awakened man walks two paths: the mundane and the spiritual. To experience life to the full, a man needs to operate in society earning a living; fulling roles of father, husband etc and yet also inhabit an inner world of self-realisation. In the final stage of the Hero’s Journey a man takes what he has learned back to the world.

We enter the transcendent phase of our spiritual quest. The mystic Kabir refers to this as “the ocean dissolving into the dew drop”. This is the attainment of Mahamudra, the great gesture arising from orgasm with the universe. Meditation, silence, peace and oneness with all are the fruits of this point of our journey. 

Many people experience spiritual practice as occasional “vacations” from the real world; moments when they can stop and take a little time for themselves. Whilst this is clearly beneficial, the real nectar comes when we commit to a daily spiritual practice.

Having personally experienced the intensity of international business and the responsibilities of raising a family, I can relate to the discipline required to include a spiritual practice into a hectic life. At the same time, I can also vouch for the immeasurable benefits. In this module you will: 

  • Discover your inner Guru – your buddha nature.
  • Move beyond duality into the stillness of meditation.
  • Take part in a Sacred Ritual to attain an experiential opening and understanding of the 7 chakras.
  • Learn to integrate your spiritual practice with your life.
  • Realise the power of the support and brotherhood of other men.
  • Use Tratak mediation practice to remove your masks and unveil your authentic face

Experience the power of meditation in communion with nature.

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