A journey through the Chakras

The chakras are major energy centres in the body and have been used as important maps for diagnosis and treatment of many ailments and the maintenance of optimum health by Eastern Schools of medicine such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

These centres also hold the key to our mental and psychological health too and can be used to track areas of emotional blockage or psychological trauma. In this series of workshops, we work through the chakras, exploring the wisdom they hold and how they can guide us on our paths of healing, growth and transformation.

I incorporate, yoga, dance, touch, meditation and various tools for introspection in these workshops which typically contain the following elements:

Introduction (One Day)

  • Introducing and getting in touch with the chakras.
  • Yoga – tuning into the chakras through our bodies.
  • Active Meditation – breathing into the chakras.
  • Dance – Expressing the wisdom of the chakras through movement.
  • Massage – Experiencing the Chakras through touch.

A Journey through the chakras (Weekends)

In the workshops, we embark on a journey of 7 weekends, diving deep into the wisdom and guidance of each chakra in turn. Each day will incorporate

  • Introducing the chakra and the wisdom it holds.
  • Yoga – tuning into the chakra through our bodies.
  • Active Meditations linked directly to the individual chakra.
  • Dance – Expressing the wisdom of the chakras through movement.
  • Massage – Embodying the lessons of each chakra.

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