Alchemy Yoga

This workshop is ideal for Yoga Students wishing to integrate their yoga practice with their process of personal development.

Yoga’s gift to the world is often lost amongst a sea of gym bodies seeking just another way to keep fit. Drawing on yoga’s roots in ancient tantric traditions, this workshop empowers people to lift their yoga practice to a new level of relevance by using the body’s intelligence to access emotions and memories which often are difficult to reach through the mind alone.

Many researchers from Wilhelm Reich to Babet Rothschild have documented their work uncovering and healing traumas through the use of bodywork and movement. As a massage therapist, yoga teacher and shamanic healer, I have witnessed the power of using the body as a tool of introspection and healing and through the personal experience of navigating my own spiritual path.

This is of relevance for anyone interested in personal development, dealing with issues such as: abuse; low self-worth; anger; fear of abandonment and rejection; personal loss; self-loathing and depression. Part of this process is learning to re-parent ourselves and yoga can be a powerful tool to facilitate this.

Using a blend of yoga and tantra we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, awareness and growth.

What to expect. I offer 1 and 3 day workshops which include:

  • Guided silent and active mediation techniques.
  • Yoga and tantric practices to bring an embodied awareness in our process.
  • Breathwork.
  • Dance, music and movement to inject a sense of fun and celebration in our work together.

Most importantly, participation in these workshops is only one step. We will work together to ensure that everyone leaves with a plan to integrate what they have learnt in their private practice.

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