Module 2: Power

In the second module we learn to step into the power of our full potential. So many men limit themselves by subscribing to beliefs taken on by parents and society. When we accept and act in alignment with our authentic selves, we move into are true power.    

Men need to feel powerful; they need a sense of authority but when he fails to fully accept himself then his power has no foundation and becomes corrupt. Since this is the case of the majority of men in modern society,  many of the traits that we comes to consider powerful: the controlling husband; the bigoted politician; the aggressive capitalist  are actually expressions of domination and of an unhealthy or immature masculine behaviour. Often, we find a play between the archetypes of the “Tyrant” and the “Weakling”. It is the sort of power where one seeks to win at the expense of the other.

True power goes hand in hand with vulnerability and is born out of a firm groundedness, centredness in ourselves and our right to exist.

In our love-relationships, many of the issues that couples face arise from a lack of centredness in men and a misunderstanding of the beauty contained in the many phases and contradictions of a woman’s being. From this space of centredness a man is able to become truly present in love – the biggest turn on for any woman.

Centeredness leads to self-acceptance and in accepting ourselves we are finally able to accept others and existence itself just the way it is – we finally get the cosmic joke – the play of contradictions. In this module you will: 

  • Open to the power of the mature, centred masculine and become vast enough to contain the contradictions in your life and relationships.
  • Step into your true masculine presence.
  • Grow to accept yourself and to develop a powerful self-esteem.
  • Gain perspective on the “messages” you’ve received from society and the people close to you, that you have ingested, and which have distorted your authentic experience of the world.
  • Experience the power of your own prana or vital energy as expressed though your chakra system. 
  • Learn the healing power of laughter, celebration and fun.
  • Learn how to transform anger into spontaneity and creativity.
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