Module 1: Primal Roots

Our journey begins with discovering man’s raw essence, his life-force energy; his sex-drive; his zest for life. We explore our authentic primal nature (the Wildman inside) and how this seeks expression in our modern lives. This is the source from which we express ourselves; we build our lives; our relationships and our self-image.

When a man is well grounded in his being, his lifeforce expresses itself in healthy appetites. We look at our behaviour patterns regarding:

  • Sex, love and relationships.
  • Material wealth and abundance.
  • Our family; our up-bring and our childhood wounds.
  • Our connection with the earth.

Using a combination of active mediations, rituals, psychotherapeutic tools of introspection, ancient Taoist sexual instruction we allow our true nature to arise. In effect we lay the foundations to becoming Awakened Men and a true Master Lover.

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