Remedial & Clinical Massage

As a remedial and clinical massage therapist, I am qualified to work with injuries as well as with simple aches and pains. I trained at the prestigious LSSM school in London. In addition to treating and helping to prevent injuries, massage is restorative, can assist with the detoxification process and promote a general state of well-being and relaxation.

I have always been drawn to touch; to the innate ability I feel inside to allow my hands to be guided to heal others.

Your treatment begins with a consultation and assessment. From there I draw from my knowledge of: deep tissue massage; STR, PIR, RI, myofascial release, stretching and positional release techniques. At the same time; I always follow my intuition and to some extent, connect with your inner-physician or that part of your being which knows where healing is required and what it needs to receive.

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