True healing is holistic encompassing Mind, Body and Spirit. The sessions I offer draw on all my experience in Meditation, Life Coaching, Tantric and Clinical Massage Therapy and Relationships.

My sessions are intuitive and tailored to each individual and where they are here and now.

"Every patient carries his or her own doctor inside."

Albert Schweitzer

Sessions I offer



Life coaching

Coaching to help people achieve clarity on where they are; who they are and what they want in life.


Relationship coaching

Relationship coaching for couples and individuals, who would like to learn how to relate on a deeper more conscious level


Shamanic vision quests

A Shamanic Journey to connect with the wisdom of your Soul.


Meditations & Mindfulness

Learn to cultivate inner peace and self-awareness, through the art of meditation



Remedial & Clinical Massage

Remedial and Clinical Massage for helping with physical injuries as well as with simple aches and pains.


Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is effective for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. It combines well with therapeutic massage and includes and empowers you in your own healing process.


Shamanic Healing

Connecting with the spirit world to heal on a physical, energetic and spiritual level


Initiation to Tantra through touch

For women - A tantric Journey through a combination of ritual and touch to assist you on your spiritual path.


Sexual de-armouring

Deep sexual healing for women, opening up the body to pleasure and expanding the orgasmic state.


My sessions are frequently likened to a Journey, starting with primary aim or desired destination; focussing on a particular aspect important for your healing, spiritual process or both.

Regardless of the modality you chose, the structure of each session is intuitive and guided by your specific needs. Working to heal or facilitate transformation on all levels, I endeavour to integrate Heart, Body and Spirit in all that I offer.

Whether we meet to address your spiritual path; relationships or physical ailments, all my sessions connect with your that part of your being which knows where healing is required and what it needs to receive.

In a safe, confidential and peaceful space, your session begins with a consultation and from that point I allow my guides and intuition to orchestrate your healing. The likening to a journey is apt in many ways, client feedback and my own experience reveal that on some level there is the sense of travelling and at the end of the session a feeling of arrival frequently accompanied by deep realisations and transformation.

Concluding your session, I allowing you the space to integrate and set the personal intentions which allow the process room to infuse your life as you prepare to take your healing and realisations back to the world.    

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