I had actually great expectations from your workshop. And I was not disappointed : you have given me an enormous amount of “fuel” for future exploration. Loving is an art and as such it is a mixture of technique and improvisation; this is what I received from you and I am deeply happy about that. You have revived in me the feeling of magic (and rigour) that I first felt [in my first Tantric workshop] in Goa. 

I also want to say that I can feel this loving energy in non-sexual situations too: something in me tells me that to give love is not only much nicer, but also much more efficient than to be angry or sad or disappointed or frustrated. I feel free when I love. Boundless. Infinite. Eternal. Like an eagle.
My friends ask me what I did during this week end; they say I am more attentive. It makes me laugh and it makes people around me very happy. Love is contagious:)