What happens on the trainings

Each Workshop is designed as a mini Hero’s Journey, starting with a calling or primary aim; focussing on a particular aspect important for the process awakening. 

This may be for example; working a specific chakra; our love relationships; deepening our connection with spirit etc. 

The structure of each workshop is carefully choregraphed to engage with out three centres, Heart, Mind and Spirit so that our being is touched as a whole.

We typically open our theme providing the context and allowing a first embodied experience of the lessons we’re imparting. As the journey continues we take participants deep into the theme creating powerful opportunities for self-awareness, growth and transformation. This is always offered as an invitation; people’s boundaries are always respected and their process is held in a safe and nourishing container. It is not the purpose to provide individual therapy during workshops, however, our facilitators and assistants have the experience to hold the space during your process and take you back into a balanced state afterwards.

We then take the peak experiences and lessons and resurface, allowing the space to integrate and set the personal intentions which allow the process room to infuse our lives as we take them back to the world.

Divine food and Sacred locations

A tantric life is far more than a series of meditations and introspective structures; it is a holistic, spiritual approach to life which embraces our entire human experience.

In tune with this; we endeavour to offer a nurturing, healthy and enriching environment for all of our workshops. We pay special attention to the food we serve and the locations use.

During the workshop you will savour, healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine, prepared with love and creativity. The locations we chose are selected for their energetic qualities and are frequently in areas of outstanding natural beauty.














Pillars of Awakening

I feel the path to enlightenment as a progressive process of awakening.

This process is a journey where, if we only open our beings to embrace all the gifts we are offered, we discover the healing, lessons, guidance and connection with spirit our soul came here to experience.

Awakening is like emerging from a dream; it is the lifting of the veils that cloud our perception of what is, evaporate under the light of truth. Finally we embrace death; we allow the ego to die; we let go of everything and transcend the duality we have created into indescribable; oneness.

Ultimately, I believe that once we start to wake up, if we allow the process to continue it infuses all aspects of our life. But we can get lazy and can simply fall back to sleep. It is also possible to supress or bypass the awakening, limiting it to only the areas of our being that we fully accept.

This happens for example, when someone pursues spiritual connection but rejects and supresses their human needs such as frequently happens with sexuality.

Full awakening, can only happen when we allow our body, heart and spirit to fully open.