Sex to superconsciousness

A Tantric Journey Through the Chakras

“From Sex To Superconsciousness” is a term coined by Osho and the title given to this powerful series of workshops developed by Ma Ananda Sarita. This training offers an experiential, transformational journey deep into this essential subject. Exploring, understanding and opening the chakra system is key to everyone travelling the path of Tantra – it is a gateway to universal consciousness. When the chakra system is awakened to its fuller potential, we experience ecstasy in everyday life, find flow in our creative expression and are empowered with free flowing communication and communion in relationships.

During each weekend, we will explore one chakra, taking 7 weekends to complete the whole journey. We will use Tantra meditation, dance, emotional release, partner exercises, sharing, breath, and massage to support us on our journey from sex to spirit. You are not obliged to attend the chakra weekends in any particular order. Whenever you have completed all 7 weekends, you will receive a certificate.

For more information on the chakras see the course brochure and Sarita’s Article originally published in Paradigm Shift. Download PDF brochure…

Superconsciousness is not just a dream, it’s a potential that every person carries inside. Join this transformational seminar and its sacred teachings to experience a break-through in your life.

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