The workshops I offer range from short 2 hour introductions to one day and 3 day events. I offer:

  • Silent and active mediation techniques.
  • Yoga and tantric practices to bring an embodied awareness to our process.
  • Shamanic questing to dive into the subconscious.
  • Breathwork.
  • Dance, music and movement to inject a sense of fun and celebration in our work together.

Most importantly, participation in these workshops is only one step on your journey. We will work together to ensure that you leave with a plan to integrate what you have learnt in your private practice.

A Deeper Way Of Relating

Our relationships and especially our love relationships can enrich our lives and they also hold the potential to accelerate our path of growth and transformation. Unfortunately, most people’s experience of relating is not this and their relationships exist on a very superficial level. Together…

A journey through the Chakras

The chakras are major energy centres in the body and have been used as important maps for diagnosis and treatment of many ailments and the maintenance of optimum health by Eastern Schools of medicine such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These centres also…

Alchemy Yoga

This workshop is ideal for Yoga Students wishing to integrate their yoga practice with their process of personal development. Yoga’s gift to the world is often lost amongst a sea of gym bodies seeking just another way to keep fit. Drawing on yoga’s roots…

Tantric Tango©

An experiential workshop which combines the beauty and sensuality of Tango with the wisdom of Tantra. Tango gives us a clear transmission of the healthy masculine and feminine, allowing us to create an imprint of this essence in our bodies, while Tantra brings mindfulness…